It is the most desirable USA Immigration, investment program

It is the most desirable USA Immigration investment program. It is created under the act of 1990 to stimulate the US – India partnership growth and prosperity. Actually, EB 5 gives the opportunity to grab the Green card rapidly through investment and generating jobs. According to consultants around 1200 Indians have queued to invest half a million-dollar each in order to migrate to the USA through Government-sponsored EB 5 Visa procedure. Consultants are scheduling the right investment project for the investors to invest. The direct investment route is expensive than the regional center investment program.  Return expected for profitable venture annually is .50 to 1%. Consultants provide expert opinion and ease the documentation process for a win-win scenario in India and abroad. A tyro is unaware of present facts and figures encompassing the investment projects, timely submission of papers and also access to green funds and it’s the consultant’s job to make it easy for their client base. They not only help in understanding the investment complexities but also the immigration uncertainties. You may say they walk with the investor for their priority through the entire process. They provide case-specific analysis for investment ventures under this EB 5 visa scheme. Eligibility checks are the next important stuff to look into. Quality investment opportunity under the right mentorship is also important and taken care of by the consultants in India to process with their client request. Application process backed up with the right documentation is a key role played by the consultants while submission of petitions. Contractual obligations and uncertainties are minimized through them. They need to tie up the immigration objective along with an investment perspective and the right fit to ensure the process truly picking up. Supporting immigration attorney is another job which helps in the smooth functioning of the process in anticipation to meet future obligations. These are the roles precisely met by the EB 5 Visa consultants in India.